Malaysian Hospitability Begins with Us

Malaysia has everything: dynamic urban communities, phenomenal food, dazzling sea shores, beautiful islands, and public parks with untamed life rich wildernesses.

Cultural Diversity

The appealing traveler trademark “Malaysia, Truly Asia” actually sounds valid since this nation really is an intersection for so numerous Asian societies. Muslim Malays, strictly shifted Chinese, Hindu and Muslim Indians, and native individuals from Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo stay here. Each culture has its own language and set of customs.

Ancient Rainforests

Numerous explorers partner Malaysia with its tropical wilderness. Huge areas of essential rainforest — one of the world’s most established biological systems – stay immaculate, ensured by public parks and preservation programs. The apparently thick vegetation and sloppy, turning streams may seem startling – yet join an officer drove nature walk, and you’ll be stunned.

Urban Adventures

Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia’s capital, is a city where stunning 21st-century structures exist together with pioneer shophouses and patches of lavish vegetation, and customers travel from conventional business sectors to cooled super shopping centers. Melaka and George Town (Penang), both Unesco World Heritage destinations, have distinctive building and social townscapes.